You're welcome wherever
you are in your fitness journey.

Our tailor-made programmes will allow you to reach your goals in an enjoyable and welcoming environment.


Experience personal training in a group setting.

With our small class sizes, every individual's specific needs and abilities are catered for so you meet your fitness goals at your own pace with the care and attention you deserve.


Everyone's different.
So are our programmes.

Every time you come and Be., you get to choose to Be. Dynamic, Be. Mighty, or Be. Free. This way, you get exactly what your body needs to thrive, at your pace.


No one is overlooked at Be.

It's difficult finding a gym where you don't feel like you fit in anywhere. We've got your back wherever you are in your fitness journey.



At Be., we've developed a hands-on, personalised approach to fitness backed by our wealth of experience in the industry. Our team of approachable trainers will always be on-hand to provide excellent counsel with all your fitness-related queries.

Discover your best self,
in a safe space,
at your pace.

The Team.

Aloysius Chia
Aloy is a ball of sunshine and invigorates everything he touches. Like the sun, he provides energy and warmth to his classes and with his typical flair, he will ensure you receive a satisfying workout. He is your own personal cheerleader, who will deliver the results you seek and make the journey much more enjoyable.
Steph Bowen-Thomas
An unbridled powerhouse of energy, Steph truly understands the needs of her clients. As a mother herself, she is uniquely attuned with helping women at all stages of their lives. As a lover of life, she is down for anything. Do you have an injury? Steph knows the best approach. Need more of a challenge? Steph has your back. A slice of cake after your workout? Steph may have a slice or two in the fridge.

Life is for living and she knows it!
Teo Shu Mei
The vibrant Shu Mei (as evident from her ever-changing hair colour) brings her heart and soul to her classes. You are assured she always has your back. With a dedicated personal approach to fitness, she will enable you to perform at your own optimal level. Push yourself to greater heights or take it at your own pace, you decide.

You do you, Shu Mei is chill!

How we came to Be.

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